How Can I Join IB After IPS?

How can I join CBI after IPS?

To become a group A officer in CBI, you must choose Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and become an IPS officer.

To join as Sub Inspector in CBI, you must go through SSC CGL examination : To become a Sub Inspector in Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI ), you must pass the SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam..

How do I join RAW or IB?

Way to Get into IB and RAW Intelligence Bureau recruitment process requires candidates to appear for CGPE ( Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam) which is conducted by SSC (Staff Selection Commission) every year. To become RAW agent, candidates should take Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme.

How can I join CID?

CID, can be joined by the following ways:You join the police force, as a hawaldar or an assistant police depending on your qualification. … You could clear the UPSC exam, after Graduation any stream and join the CID team as an Assistant sub inspector.You pursue Graduation in criminology clear UPSC and join the CID team.

What should I do after 12th in IPS?

It is not possible to become an IPS Officer right after completing 12th standard! In order to become an IPS Officer, you must apply for CSE exam conducted by the UPSC. You must also crack the exam (preliminary, mains and interview) in order to get selected for the training.

What is RAW agent salary?

1.3 lakhs per monthThey have to clear all the stages of Civil Service Examination and few top candidates are allowed to write the RAW examination. They should also have an experience of 20 years of service. This is not a permanent job but a person can earn of about 0.8 to 1.3 lakhs per month.

Is CBI more powerful than police?

It’s a settled matter in CBI that as long as you are in charge of the case, you are powerful by the force of law acting on that case. … Pic-2: SP in CBI has power as long he is bolstered by the law. SP of state police is powerful on his own authority.

Who is more powerful CBI or raw?

RAW is India’s external intelligence agency, not unlike the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), albeit the CIA has far more power, funds and personnel at its disposal. IB is India’s internal intelligence agency, while the CBI is an investigative agency.

Can an IPS officer join IB?

New Delhi ,Feb. “Under the existing system, IPS officers may come to the IB on deputation,” an intelligence official said. … “After a certain period, they can opt to either stay or go back to their state cadre.

Do IB officers carry guns?

Some of them are basic like officers of Intelligence Bureau do not carry guns all time, they have guns while on deputation in CRPF or SPG. Though Intelligence Bureau have many special powers like wire tapping without any warrant, electronic surveillance but still they cannot arrest any person by themselves.

Can IPS become home secretary?

Karnataka names IPS officer D Roopa as new home secretary, transfers 17 IPS officers. In a surprise move, the Karnataka government has appointed a 2000 batch IPS officer, D Roopa as new home secretary while transferring 17 top IPS officers in the state.

WHO IS RAW chief?

Samant GoelDuring the nine-year tenure of its first Director, Rameshwar Nath Kao, RAW quickly came to prominence in the global intelligence community, playing a role in major events such as the Creation of Bangladesh and accession of the state of Sikkim to India. Headquartered in New Delhi, RAW’s current chief is Samant Goel.

Do IPS officers work in CBI?

IPS officers who are deputed to the CBI and are found to have special aptitude for work in that organisation and whose retention is considered to be in public interest can be allowed a further tenure upto 3 years in addition to the normal tenure subject to a total tenure of 7 years.

Which is better CBI or IB?

The subject of investigation apart, let it be understood that CBI is exercising police powers in this case, whereas IB is governed by its own mandate which is to do counter espionage work within India, neutralise espionage by hostile powers within the country, obtain information about likely threats to law and order, …

Who appoints Cabinet Secretary of India?

The Cabinet Secretary is the most senior officer of the IAS. The appointee for the office is approved by Appointments Committee of the Cabinet headed by Prime Minister, based on the appointee’s ability and the confidence of the Prime Minister.

Who is Cabinet Secretary India 2019?

Shri Rajiv Gauba today took over as the new Cabinet Secretary in the Government of India after the superannuation of Shri P.K.