Is The Earth Perfectly Round?

Are planets perfectly round?

A planet is round because of gravity.

A planet’s gravity pulls equally from all sides.

Gravity pulls from the center to the edges like the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

This makes the overall shape of a planet a sphere, which is a three-dimensional circle..

Is the moon perfectly round?

The moon is perfectly round. To the eye, the moon appears round, and it’s natural to assume that it is actually spherical in shape – with every point on its surface equidistant from its center – like a big ball. … So the moon is not exactly spherical.

Why is Earth shaped the way it is?

The earth is not a sphere. It is an oblate spheroid. The flattening in this image is exaggerated in order to make the earth’s non-spherical shape obvious. The bulging at the equator is caused by the centrifugal force due to the spinning motion.

What is the true shape of the earth?

While the Earth appears to be round when viewed from the vantage point of space, it is actually closer to an ellipsoid. However, even an ellipsoid does not adequately describe the Earth’s unique and ever-changing shape. Our planet is pudgier at the equator than at the poles by about 70,000 feet .