Question: What Does Raw Do?

What does a RAW agent do?

They are responsible for Intelligence failures or tragedies of fallout.

Sometimes if their colleagues are arrested then they have to delete their records and don’t even acknowledge them.

Even Government discarded them if they are arrested in an operation outside our country..

Is Raw any good?

while RAW on the other hand has some flaws but you can easily consider it to be way better between the two, they have agents like- Ajit Dowal who managed to stay in Pakistan & ISI have no idea about it. … Whereas,R&AW’s task are much wider. ISI strength is much much bigger than that of R&AW and even Annual Budget.

WHO IS RAW chief?

During the nine-year tenure of its first Director, Rameshwar Nath Kao, RAW quickly came to prominence in the global intelligence community, playing a role in major events such as the Creation of Bangladesh and accession of the state of Sikkim to India. Headquartered in New Delhi, RAW’s current chief is Samant Goel.

Can Muslims join raw?

There have been no Muslim officers in RAW since its formation in 1969,” says a former RAW officer. … Not just RAW and SPG, but the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), which deals with technical surveillance, and Military Intelligence (MI) too have barred the entry of Muslims.

Who does raw report to?

RAW is a ‘wing’ of the Cabinet Secretariat and reports only to the Prime Minister’s Office — it is not answerable to Parliament, nor is it within the ambit of Right to Information. Nobody knows how much money it gets (one figure floating around is $450 million, which is pittance), or how much it spends.

Who is number 1 intelligence agency in the world?

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) It is the most popular and easily recognizable intelligence agency in the world, mainly due to its numerous appearances in Hollywood movies. The CIA was formed in 1947, making it one of the oldest intelligence agencies on this list.

What is difference between IB and RAW?

Raw is India’s external intelligence agency operating operations in India’s neighboring countries for the Indian government. Whereas IB is India’s internal intelligence agency. IB work is to operate the operation within the country. The work of RAW has to keep an eye on the activities of neighboring countries of India.

How can join raw?

To become RAW agent, candidates should take Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme. They have to clear all the stages of Civil Service Examination and qualified candidates are allowed to write the RAW examination.

Can a girl become a RAW agent?

According to the Question ‘Can a Girl join RAW? ‘ Answer: Yes, anyone can join(not the correct word) RAW… RAW is an Intel Agency(most secretive) unlike most of its western counterparts…

Can IRS officer join raw?

However, according to recent reports, officers can return to their parent cadre after serving a specific period in the agency if they wish to. Most of the secretaries have been officers from the IPS and other posts are held by IRS and IFS officers. … Most of the RAW personnel are from IB ( Intelligence Bureau ).

Who is more powerful CBI or raw?

RAW is India’s external intelligence agency, not unlike the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), albeit the CIA has far more power, funds and personnel at its disposal. … There is another important difference between the CBI on the one hand and RAW and IB on the other.

Who is more powerful NIA or CBI?

The Act makes NIA the only fully federal agency in the country mimicking the functioning of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US. This makes it more powerful than the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). … However, NIA can only investigate cases related to the security of the country.