Question: What Is The World’S Most Visited Palace?

What is the most beautiful palace?

The 10 Most Enchanting Palaces in the World of 10.

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Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

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Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.

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Peterhof Palace in Peterhof, Russia.

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Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

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The Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

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What is the No 1 tourist destination in the world?

1. Bangkok — 22.78 million. Visitors to Bangkok — the most visited city for the fourth year in a row — also spend the third most of any city on the list.

What are the top 5 tourist destinations?

Revealing The World’s 10 Most Popular Attractions Of 2018—Based On Traveler InterestColosseum, Rome, Italy. … Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy. … Statue of Liberty, New York City, United States. … Louvre Museum, Paris, France. … Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. … Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.More items…

What is the most visited landmark in the world?

Notre-Dame de ParisNotre-Dame de Paris is the most visited monument in the world, with about 12 million visitors per year. It is located in Paris, France. It is one of the oldest Gothic buildings in France, completed in 1345, and is the seat of the archbishop of Paris to this day.

What is the most expensive palace in the world?

Antilia, in Mumbai, valued at $1 billion, is the world’s priciest private home, versus Buckingham Palace, which is open to the public. It’s owned by the chairman of Reliance Industries, the richest person in India.

What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world 2019?

Rome’s Colosseum has been named the world’s most popular attraction for the second consecutive year, according to new traveler booking data from TripAdvisor. The famed arena was closely followed by the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Vatican in Rome on the list of can’t miss sites for travelers.