Question: Why Does It Say Banned On Monkey?

Is monkey still an app?

The Monkey app aims to cater to the kids and is available for both iOS and Android users..

Why does Monkey app say banned?

Although Apple didn’t release a statement about their specific reasoning, they most likely banned Monkey due to the 1,500 reviews in the App Store that mentioned inappropriate behavior minors were exposed to, per the Washington Post.

What happens if you get banned on monkey?

On Monkey, flagged users are cordoned off from other users and relegated to a sort of second class within the social network where they are still able to freely communicate with others who have also been banned, according to many reports in the App Store reviews.

Is monkey a dangerous App?

It is a dangerous app that is unregulated and can very easily lead to the wrong people becoming involved in your child’s life. With all the sexual trafficking happening in our state, this app is definitely in the RED FLAG zone!!!