Quick Answer: Is Shahid Afridi A Pathan?

What is the nickname of Shahid Afridi?

Boom Boom AfridiLalaShahid Afridi/Nicknames.

Why is Afridi called Boom Boom?

He is one of the most charismatic characters on and off the cricket field, and former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has been forever known as ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ for his ability to take apart opposition bowling attacks with his six-hitting skills.

Why is Shahid Afridi called Lala?

Sort of like ‘mate’ but with more respect. So like Ganguly is Dada(Bengali) , Afridi is Lala (Pashto)? I thought lala meant that he was crazy. I’m definitely going to use this whenever someone goes 6 and out when we’re playing backyard cricket from now on.

His batting is also outspoken, he can and will try to hit sixes, even in situations where wickets are more important. … His fastest century stood for 17 years, he has plenty of ODI runs and wickets (one of the highest all-round combos at 6000 runs and about 400 wickets), most ODI sixes, etc.

Is Afridi married his sister?

He married his maternal cousin Nadia Afridi and has five daughters.

Who broke Shahid Afridi record?

Corey AndersonIt took 18 years for Afridi’s record to be broken. New Zealand’s Corey Anderson smashed a 36-ball ton against West Indies in 2014 to get his name in the record books.

Who is Shaheen Afridi father?

Shaheen started his cricket career from the Tatara Ground in Landi Kotal, which is named after the nearby Tatara hills. Riaz Afridi introduced Shaheen to hard-ball cricket at the FATA Under-16 trials in 2015, with Shaheen having played only tennis-ball cricket until then.

What is Shahid Afridi age?

40 years (March 1, 1980)Shahid Afridi/Age

Is Pathan a high caste?

In the caste system present among medieval Indian Muslim society, the Pathans (historically also known as ethnic ‘Afghans’) were classified as one of the ashraf castes – those who claimed descent from foreign immigrants, and who claimed the status of nobility by virtue of conquests and Muslim rule in the Indian …

Who is Afridi wife?

Nadia AfridiShahid Afridi/Wife

What is the education of Shahid Afridi?

Government Islamia Science CollegeShahid Afridi/Education

Who are Afridi Pathans?

The Afridi (Pashto: اپريدی، افریدی‎; also spelled Apridi) are a tribe of Pashtuns. Their traditional homeland is in Khyber and Darra Adam Khel in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and smaller parts of Nangarhar, Afghanistan. Most Afridis speak a northern variety of Pashto known as Afridi Pashto.

Where is Shahid Afridi now?

Multan SultansAll-rounderCumilla WarriorsAll-rounderDhaka PlatoonAll-rounderShahid Afridi/Current teams

Are Pathans tall?

Jatts definitely, pashtun are not known for heights, their average height is around 5′6″, while in punjab jatts average height is 5′10″ easily. … I have come across Punjabis(Pathans,Rajputs,jats) from India.

How many times has Afridi retired?

Shahid Afridi has retired 5 times in last 11 years. Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi first announced his retirement from Test cricket in 2006 but came back in 2 weeks and finally retired from Tests in 2010. Next, Afridi made a comeback in 2011, five months after announcing his international retirement.