Quick Answer: Is The CBI Corrupt?

Is CBI similar to FBI?

Like America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, the CBI was formed to tackle something specific.

The FBI initially was set up to go after Communism, the CBI was meant to take on corruption..

Why is CBI better than police?

The CBI is great because the state police forces are poor. … Two, the level at which crime investigation work is done and supervised is higher in the CBI than what it is in state police forces. Three, the CBI does not have to interact with the public as closely and frequently as the state police forces do.

What is the success rate of CBI?

65%Kanimozhi on Twitter: “Success rate (conviction rate) of CBI is 65%.

What is salary of CBI?

25 % extra on normal DA and Basic Pay. one month salary extra/year….4. SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI Salary and allowances.(i)Pay Scale9300-34800(ii)Grade Pay4200(iii)Initial Pay9300(iv)Total Pay (i) + (ii )13500

Is CBI an intelligence agency?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the premier investigating agency of India. It functions as a national investigating and security organization as well as an intelligence agency, and acts as India’s liaison to Interpol. … The CBI headquarters are located in New Delhi.

Is CBI more powerful than police?

It’s a settled matter in CBI that as long as you are in charge of the case, you are powerful by the force of law acting on that case. … Pic-2: SP in CBI has power as long he is bolstered by the law. SP of state police is powerful on his own authority.