Quick Answer: What Is The State Symbol Of State Tree?

What is the name of state flower of MP?

Sacred TreeMadhya Pradesh/Official flower.

What are our state symbols?

KarnatakaTitleSymbolState animalAsian elephant (Elephas maximus)State birdIndian roller (Coracias indica)State butterflySouthern birdwing (Troides minos)State flowerLotus (Nelumbo nucifera)5 more rows

What is the state tree of Bihar?

Sacred figBihar/Official tree

What is the state flower and tree?

StatesStateCommon nameBinomial nameHimachal PradeshPink rhododendronRhododendron campanulatumJharkhandPalashButea monospermaKarnatakaLotusNelumbo nuciferaKeralaGolden shower treeCassia fistula24 more rows

What are the five national symbols?

Here is the detailed information about the national symbols of India.National Flag: Tiranga. … National Emblem: State Emblem of India. … National Calendar: Saka Calendar. … National Anthem: Jana Gana Mana. … National Song: Vande Matram. … National Currency: Indian Rupee. … National Animal: Bengal Tiger. … National Bird: Peacock.More items…

Which state has an official state flavor?

Official State Flavor of Vermont It takes 40 gallons of sugar maple sap to boil down to 1 gallon of grade A maple syrup (the sugar maple is also Vermont’s state tree). Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S., producing over 500,000 gallons a year.

What is the state bird and state flower?

for All Fifty StatesSTATESTATE TREESTATE BIRDVirginia RichmondFlowering Dogwood Cornus floridaCardinalWashington OlympiaWestern Hemlock Tsuga heterophyllaWillow GoldfinchWest Virginia CharlestonSugar Maple Acer saccarumCardinalWisconsin MadisonSugar Maple Acer saccarumRobin50 more rows

What are the 50 state trees?

State TreesAlabama. Southern Longleaf Pine.Sitka Spruce.Palo Verde.Pine.California Redwood.Colorado Blue Spruce.The Charter Oak.Scarlet Oak.More items…

What is the state tree of Chandigarh?

Mangifera indicaChandigarh/Official tree

What is the CT state tree?

White oakCharter OakConnecticut/State tree

What is the fruit of each state?

List of U.S. state foodsStateFood typeFood nameAlabamaState fruitBlackberryState tree fruitPeachState dessertLane cakeAlaska119 more rows

Which state has elephant as state animal?

StatesStateCommon nameBinomial nameJharkhandIndian elephantElephas maximus indicusKarnatakaIndian elephantElephas maximus indicusKeralaIndian elephantElephas maximus indicusMadhya PradeshBarasingha Swamp deerRucervus duvaucelii24 more rows