Quick Answer: Who Is The First President Of Azad Kashmir?

Who is the current IG of Azad Kashmir AJK police?

Salahuddin Khan MehsudSalahuddin Khan Mehsud is Pakistani police officer who is the current IG of Azad kashmir province since March 2019..

Who is Chief Justice of AJK?

Chaudhary Muhammad Ibrahim ZiaChief Justices and Judges Supreme Court of AJ&K. Mr. Justice Chaudhary Muhammad Ibrahim Zia, the incumbent Chief Justice of Azad Jammu and Kashmir was born on 1st April, 1955 in village Kote, District Muzaffarabad.

Who is current president of Azad Kashmir?

Khan at UN in New York on Jan 30, 2015. Masood Khan (Urdu: مسعود خان‎) is a Pakistani diplomat who serves as the 27th President of Azad Kashmir. Masood Khan joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1980 and went on to serve in various diplomatic positions.

Why does Pakistan claim Kashmir?

The conflict started after the partition of India in 1947 as both India and Pakistan claimed the entirety of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan recognizing Chinese sovereignty over the Trans-Karakoram Tract and Aksai Chin since 1963.

Is Gilgit Baltistan a country?

Gilgit Baltistan is an administrative territory of Pakistan, disputed by India that borders the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, Azad Kashmir to the southwest, Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan to the northwest, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China to the north, and the Indian administrated region of …

Is Azad Kashmir safe?

Azad Kashmir is quite a safe and peaceful region. Crime-wise also Azad Kashmir is considered to be relatively safe. Sometimes, temperatures go below freezing, especially in the winter; dress accordingly.

How many tehsils are in Azad Kashmir?

32 tehsilsThere are ten districts and 32 tehsils.

When did Islam come to Kashmir?

14th centuryIslam came to the region with the influx of Muslim Sufis preachers from Central Asia and Persia, beginning in the early 14th century. Sometime back majority of the Kashmiri Muslims were of the Sunni religious persuasion, but now with rapid business influx makes Kashmiri Shias account for about and rapidly increasing.

Who is founder of Kashmir?

The Dogra dynasty was a Dogra Hindu dynasty that formed the royal house of Jammu and Kashmir. The founder of the dynasty, Gulab Singh, was an influential noble in the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore, while his brother Dhian Singh served as the prime minister of the Sikh empire.

Who is the current prime minister of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?

Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan ( راجہ محمد فاروق حیدر خان‎),was elected Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister and leader of the House by AJK Legislative Assembly on 31st July, 2016 by a vast majority.

Who is the first prime minister of Azad Kashmir?

List of prime ministers#NameParty1Abdul Hamid KhanPakistan Peoples Party2Sardar Sikandar Hayat KhanAll Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference3Raja Mummtaz Hussain RathoreAll Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference4Muhammad Abdul Qayyum KhanAll Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference8 more rows

How was Azad Kashmir formed?

Creation of Pakistan administered Jammu & Kashmir. … Following this victory, the pro-Pakistan chieftains of the western Jammu districts of Muzaffarabad, Poonch and Mirpur proclaimed a provisional Azad Jammu and Kashmir government in Pallandri on 24 October 1947.

Who is the education minister of Azad Kashmir?

Farooq Haider KhanFarooq HaiderIn office 1985–1990PresidentSardar Abdul QayyumPrime MinisterSardar Sikandar Hayat KhanMinister for Education of Azad Jammu and Kashmir48 more rows

What is the old name of Muzaffarabad?

UdabhandaThe original name of Muzaffarabad was Udabhanda. Hieun tsang, the celebrated Buddhist pilgrim who is said to have visited the valley in 631 A.D mentions Pan-nu-tso, i.e., modern day Punch, Ho-lo-she-pu-to i.e. modern day Rajauri.

When did India lose Pok?

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965DateAugust – 23 September 1965ResultStalemate (Both nations declared victory) Ceasefire through UNSC Resolution 211 No permanent territorial changes(see Tashkent Declaration)Territorial changesNone1 more row

How many Hindus are there in Kashmir Valley?

The Hindus of the Kashmir Valley, were forced to flee the Kashmir valley as a result of being targeted by JKLF and Islamist insurgents during late 1989 and early 1990. Of the approximately 300,000 to 600,000 Hindus living in the Kashmir Valley in 1990 only 2,000–3,000 remain there in 2016.

Who designed Azad Kashmir flag?

Abdul Haq MirzaThe flag was adopted on 24 September 1975 via the Azad Jammu and Kashmir State Flag Ordinance, passed by founding President Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan. It was designed by Abdul Haq Mirza, a retired lieutenant-colonel who also created the formation signs of the Azad Kashmir Regular Force.

When Pakistan get Azad Kashmir?

Azad KashmirAzad Jammu and Kashmir آزاد جموں و کشمیرCountryPakistanEstablishedOctober 24, 1947 (Azad Kashmir Day)CapitalMuzaffarabadDistricts1027 more rows

Is Passport required for Kashmir?

You need Passport/Visa to visit Kashmir A plane/train/bus ticket will do.