What’S Cool In Indiana?

Is Indiana poor?

Similar to its individual high poverty ranking, Indiana continues to be ranked the fifth-highest state in the region by the number of tracts with high child poverty between 1980 and 2016.

However, it ranks third in the percentage of tracts with high child poverty..

Why is Indiana so flat?

Thousands of years ago (about 16,000), during the Great Ice Age, glaciers covered Indiana. … Once the glaciers melted, the dirt, rocks, and sand (known as glacial till) that were picked up by the ice were all that was left behind. This till filled any hills or valleys that previously existed, leaving the land flat.

What’s the number one attraction in Indiana?

Indiana’s Top 10 AttractionsIndianapolis Zoo. The Indianapolis Zoo is known for giving visitors not your average zoo. … White River State Park. … Indianapolis Motor Speedway. … Lucas Oil Stadium. … The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. … Soldiers and Sailors Monument. … Holiday World Theme Park and Splashin’ Safari. … Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.More items…•

What can you do with no money?

13 Ways to Have Fun Without Spending MoneyGo on a picnic. … Go to no-cost museum and zoo days. … Give geocaching a try. … Leverage your chamber of commerce. … Take a historical city tour. … Visit a farmers market. … Go camping. … Do a photography challenge.More items…

Where should I go in Indiana this weekend?

Here are 8 of my favorite weekend getaways in Indiana!Bloomington, Indiana: A College Town Getaway.Syracuse: A Lakeside Getaway.French Lick, Indiana: A Romantic Getaway.Valparaiso, Indiana: A Foodie Getaway.Oldenburg Indiana: A Historic European Getaway.Madison, Indiana: A Riverside Antique Getaway.More items…

Why is Indiana so cheap?

Indy is cheap because most people with any sense at all would never move there. Hence, the demand for hoy sing just isn’t there. It might just be the location of Irvington. It’s near an area perceived by most people to be “dangerous,” even though it isn’t.

How many millionaires live in Indiana?

128,600 millionaire householdsAbout one out of every 20 Hoosier households has assets of more than $1 million. Indiana is home to about 128,600 millionaire households, the 38th highest concentration nationwide, according to a recent report from Kiplinger Magazine.

Is Indiana a good state?

It is a nice state, and specifically, Ft. Wayne has lots of good restaurants, parks, shopping, good schools, and a very low cost of living compared to many other parts of the country. … Indianapolis is larger and probably has more to offer in the way of entertainment, but Ft.

What is there to do today in Indiana?

The Miller House and Garden. 181 Reviews. Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Sites, Gardens.Grouseland (William Henry Harrison Mansion) 156 Reviews. Historic Sites.Indianapolis Museum of Art. 1,435 Reviews. Specialty Museums, Historic Sites, Gardens.Spring Mill State Park. 371 Reviews. Historic Sites, State Parks.

What are 5 interesting facts about Indiana?

33 Indiana Facts You Never Knew AboutThe North Pole actually doesn’t get any letters for Santa Claus, believe it or not. … Baseball was practically born in Indiana – Fort Wayne, to be exact. … The name “Indiana” stands for Land of the Indians—but in reality fewer than 8,000 Native Americans actually reside in the state today.More items…•

What is there to do in Indianapolis for free today?

12 Best Fun Free Things to Do in IndianapolisThe Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.Indianapolis Artsgarden.Indianapolis Art Center.Free Summer Concerts.Indianapolis City Market.Walk, Bike or Run the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.War Memorials.Workout Wednesdays.

What is Indiana’s state flower?

PeonyIndiana/State flower

What can I do for free near me?

#1. Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park. free. #1 in Los Angeles. … #2. The Getty Center. free. #2 in Los Angeles. … #3. Santa Monica Pier and Beach. free. … #4. Hollywood Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre. free. … #5. Zuma Beach. free. … #6. The Original Farmers Market and The Grove. free. … #8. Sunset Boulevard. free. … #10. The Broad. free.More items…

How large is Indiana?

6.732 million (2019)Indiana/Population

What is the most dangerous city in Indiana?

Where Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Indiana?RankCityViolent Crimes Per Capita1Michigan City7412South Bend1,0393Indianapolis1,2724Evansville5686 more rows

What can you do for free in Indiana?

See if you can spot the Twisted House sculpture in the Art Park, a fairytale-like garden designed by Indiana native and renowned architect Michael Graves.Yappy Hour at White River State Park. … Venture Along the White River. … Crown Hill Cemetery. … Ride the Monon Trail. … Arts Market on the Circle. … Virginia B.

What is Indiana famous for?

Indiana, known for its love of basketball and for producing stars such as Larry Bird and Louie Dampier, has generated the fifth-highest number of professional basketball players per capita of any state. 6. Indiana has the nation’s second-largest automotive industry and is leading the U.S. in manufacturing job growth.

What are 3 interesting facts about Indiana?

Indiana Facts and TriviaThe first long-distance auto race in the U. S. was held May 30, 1911, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. … Abraham Lincoln moved to Indiana when he was 7 years old. … Explorers Lewis and Clark set out from Fort Vincennes on their exploration of the Northwest Territory.More items…

How safe is Indiana?

While not one of the safest states in the nation in terms of violent and property crime rates, Indiana does have its share of safe, family-friendly communities. … In fact, Brownsburg’s property crime rate of 11.44 per 1K is nearly three times below the Indiana state average.

Who is the most famous person from Indiana?

The following Indiana celebrities are known for keeping thousands entertained.Michael Jackson. One of the most famous — if not the single most famous — acts in the history of pop music originated right in Gary, Indiana. … Janet Jackson. … James Dean. … Adam Lambert. … Cole Porter. … David Letterman. … Jenna Fischer.

What Foods is Indiana known for?

Indiana is known for some signature foods – persimmon pudding, pork tenderloin sandwiches, sugar cream pie, among others. Submit your favorite Indiana recipe to our online database of “Hoosier favorites.” Food in Hoosier History Corn and hogs have played a significant role throughout the history of the state.